Are You Open to an Epidural?

As a doula, it is my personal belief that it is my job to protect and uphold the birth plan that you have chosen.  Not my own.  With that, I occasionally work with mama’s that are “open to an epidural” and more times than not, if that’s their thought process, that is what they will get.  (The vast majority of mama’s I work with do not get epidurals, fyi.)

Also, as a doula, I believe it is my job to inform mama’s of the risks of possible interventions during their labor.  An epidural is an intervention that is definitely not without risks, no matter how nonchalant your care providers are about the possibility of an epidural harming you or your baby.

I have said on this blog many times that I am not a writer.  In fact, I despise it.  So, with that, please readthis wonderful article from Mothering magazine, which speaks intelligibly about the risks of an epidural, along with creditable footnotes.