New Client Info

I ask that all new clients complete the following pages to help me better serve them.  Our contract will be given in person or via e-mail.

Birth Information Questionnaire

Medical and Personal Information

One day, I’ll get high tech and figure out how to create these forms on my own.  For now, Best Doula’s generously allows folks to use them from their site.

I also ask that new clients read the following articles and information before we have our first prenatal visit.  Feel free to print these and mark them, especially if you have questions that need to be answered during our visit.

Epidural Hidden Risks

Hormones in Birth


Spinning Babies

When It’s Still Early

For the final portion of new client information, you need not print anything, but please be familiar with these sites.  Most of these require a Bubble of Peace for the Hypnobaby mama’s, as these are things you probably won’t encounter or need to know, but if you do, it will be better for both of us if you are aware.  In fact, if you’re really trying to focus on the positive and keep the negative out, don’t even look at these unless I refer to them.

Prodromal Labor

Natural Ways to “Induce” Labor

Stalled or Irregular Labor

Also Miles Circuit