What Is A Doula?

What is a doula?

“The greek word doula means woman caregiver. We now use the word to describe a trained and experienced labor companion who provides the woman and her husband or partner continuous emotional support, physical comfort and assistance in obtaining information before, during and just after childbirth.

A birth doula…

  • …recognizes birth as a key life experience that the mother will remember all her life.

  • …understands the physiology of birth and the emotional needs of a woman in labor.

  • …assists the woman and her partner in preparing for and carrying out their plans for the birth.

  • …stays by the side of the laboring woman throughout the entire labor.

  • …provides emotional support, physical comfort measures, an objective viewpoint, and assistance to the woman in getting the information she needs to make good decisions.

  • … facilitates communication between the laboring woman, her partner, and clinical care providers.

  • …perceives her role as one who nurtures and protects the woman’s memory of her birth experience.”

As your doula I will provide you with unbiased evidence based information regarding your pregnancy and birth.  I will be pretty much the only person who will be by your side throughout your entire birth.  Sometimes even the most loving dad’s need a break and a chance to step away.  I will offer comfort measures and position changes to ease your birth.  I can help you create a birth preference sheet for your care provider, help you find local resources for you and baby, and be a constant reassurance throughout your birth.  I have also been trained to provide breastfeeding assistance, should you need it. You can do this.  And I’d love to help you!


Women cared for during labor by a birth doula, compared to those receiving usual care were

26% less likely to give birth by cesarean section

41% less likely to give birth with a vacuum extractor or forceps

28% less likely to use any analgesia or anathesia

33% less likely to be dissatisfied or negatively rate their birth experience